You arrive late for class and the teacher stares at you. What do you do?

I wink at the teacher's insistent gaze and sit down without lowering my head.
I blush in front of my classmates...
I ponder the meaning of existence and have a mini existential crisis.
I apologize and sit down.
I try to make the teacher laugh to defuse the situation!

Your class neighbor tries to cheat on your homework. How do you react?

I act as if nothing had happened and doodle on the side...
I accept it but I insist that he does not copy as is.
I laugh and admit I wrote my answers at random.
I warn that my answers can't be that great and organize a scheme to cheat off the nerds.
I send him the correction by message because I already had it.

You have your exams in a week. In what conditions do you revise best?

In a coffee shop with my headphones.
At the library in a quiet environment.
With friends, I try to hit the mean.
Alone in my bed.
With my friends and without pressure.

You are facing a surprise check and you have not revised your school assignment.

Organize a civil rights sit-in until the teacher promises to repent.
I read the questions several times, and think about what is expected of me.
I rush headlong and answer questions one after the other.
I'm not panicking; the programs on my calculators will finally be useful to me.
I'm used to it. Surprise or not, I always improvise!

The fire alarm is ringing. What's your first instinct?

I do not panic and try to organize the evacuation.
I continue my conversation without breaking a sweat. Ha!
I keep my cool and rush to those who need help.
I save my laptop!
I collect the most valuable items in my bag; leaving them to become charcoal is a crime against humanity!

What is your favorite school outing?

None. I prefer to stay at home.
A soccer match.
Visiting a modern art museum.
Visit a craft workshop.
Going on the set of a famous TV show.

How do you dress for the school dance?

I choose a blue T-shirt instead of the usual white.
The outfit that no one else will wear.
Classy, but not too flashy like James Bond.
I put on my best suit!
I let my roommate choose for me and I choose for them!

I am in charge of organizing an event for my class, what do I do?

Esport Competition!
A concert!
Debating a hot topic!
A marathon!
Racing remote control cars through the hallways!

The teacher calls and you are away. Where are you?

With my friends outside!
Playing a video game.
In front of a film or a documentary.
Absent? Lessons? I completely forgot...
I'm lying in a park and enjoying the good weather.

What do you eat for lunch?

A new dish that I have not tasted yet!
The most greasy and generous dish that will keep me going all day!
Whatever fits my macros.
The same thing every day.
The most beautiful dish...

A student is being bullied, how do you react?

I solve the problem diplomatically, of course.
I let the storm pass and secretly leak an embarrassing rumor about the bully on social media.
I give the bullies a knuckle sandwich and bask in the glory of being the school hero!
I hold a parent teacher conference and shame the bully's mom and dad.
I rush to help and don't hesitate to call the bully a jerk.

Noisy class, impossible to concentrate, how do you react?

I put on my headphones to block out the noise.
I take a nap.
I take out my phone and film the scene to post it on social media.
I dance in the chaos shooting spitwads at the unexpecting blackboard.
I take out my pens and pretend to be a dummer in a rock-n-roll band!

You have to prank someone. Who's your next victim?

I wait until my pal is about to sit down, and I remove their chair at the last second!
I hold the projector using an app on my phone during the teacher's lesson; they go crazy.
I draw and circulate an anonymous caricature of the teacher until it falls into his hands.
I'm spreading embarrassing fake news about the teacher.
I get my friends in on it, and we have a paper airplane contest.

How do you go about impressing your crush?

I write a song or draw a picture that gives a window into the depths of my soul!
I slip a small text in the newspaper in the 'Crush' section dedicated to this.
I propose to go to the cinema together.
I research my crush's favorite music, and I try to initiate a conversation out of it.
I try to make my crush laugh and ask them out.